Shag dance tothe music on the beach

DJ INTRODUCTIONMy name is Gary. Your other DJ here is my cousin Karen. We have both loved music and enjoyed it since childhood. We often pretended we had our own band. We never formed a band so we decided to DJ. We have now begun to share some great "Carolina Beach Music" with our listeners so that you may learn about and enjoy the "beach Music" too.

DJ Gary and friends in The Square Restaurant and Lounge

GARYJust doing what I love the most... music.

I was born and raised just west of the foothills of the appalachians. I started singing in church at the age of 7. I also sang chorus in high school and went to all state chorus as a tenor for two years.
Since then I have sat around campfires singing and learned to play a guitar a little bit. Sometimes a band member somewhere would ask me to sing a song with them, but I have always been around music and loved it. In 2014 Karen introduced me to "Beach Music" and "Shag Music". I really love it. So I have make several trips a year to North Myrtle Beach and cruised the Grand Strands in search of DJ's, karaoke, and bands that play. I will hopefully be returning more often in 2016 because the people I have met are genuinely nice and polite. It's a great place to go vacation, visit, or live.

DJ Karen and her husband Jeff at Fat Harolds

KARENThe picture to the left is of my husband, Jeff and I at Fat Harold's Beach Club.

I fell in love with the shag dance when i was introduced to it in 2006 in North Myrtle Beach. When we were on vacation, we were on Main Street in North Myrtle every night, listening to beach music and learning to dance. Since then it has been a mission of mine to introduce as many friends and relatives to this wonderful style of music and dance as possible. Gary had introduced me to Dj'ing, so I had to let him know about the beach music.

I hope you enjoy listening to this wonderful, uplifting music as much as I do.

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